A b o u t   U s

Since 16 I had dreams of being a small scale farmer of at first growing vegetables, but the mushrooms were tempting I still had a few years before I entered into the Mushroom cultivation world.

Growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms has been one of the most exciting things i've done in my life too be able to look and see the mushrooms growing and coming from stages to where I got to be a scientist is just so out of this world really mushrooms are very mysterious and being able to then embody the the mushroom farmer as the one selling and giving mushrooms to the community is an amazement on its own. It truly makes me feel good knowing i'm supplying someone with pristine mushrooms that will benefit their body and their taste buds.

O u r    v a l u e s

Once the plow has made the path for the row the seeds can now be planted.

Young men at work

being in my early twenties empowering other young men is something that I can relate too. Being a role model for the entreprenuers in the making, is what its about.

Quality backed

Honest, Fair, and quality with a smile or your money back. 

'if something isn't done right it ain't worth doing'

S U S T A I N A B L E    F A R M I N G

were work towards building resilient communities by helping out our fellow farmers so we can all be educated and do what we love.

Where passion meets delicacy!





1059 chalakee rd guntersville AL

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